11 swimmers to the European Championships short course in Kazan

The Norwegian Swimming Federation has selected 11 swimmers for the European Short Course Championships which will be held in Kazan, Russia on November 2-7, 2021.

Norwegian swimmers

  • Stina Kajsa ColleouLambertseter Swimming Club
  • Jenny HaldenBærumsvømmerne
  • Ingeborg Vassbakk LøyningBærumsvømmerne
  • Malene RypestølSvømmeklubben Team Sør
  • Henrik ChristiansenLambertseter SK
  • André Klippenberg GrindheimHamar IL
  • Tomoe Zenimoto HvasBærumsvømmerne
  • Christoffer Tofte HaarsakerBergensvømmerne
  • Jon JøntvedtBryne Symjeklubb
  • Nicholas Savola LiaBærumsvømmerne
  • Markus LieBergensvømmerne

Coaches / leaders:

Petter LøvbergNational team manager
Sondre Solbergtrains the Bærum swimmers
Arne Gjerdecoaches Bryne Symjeklubb
Christer Kjølholdtphysical therapist
Beda Leirvaagcoach / CEO

The European Championships will be the first of two major international championships this autumn.
The next is the world championship in short track in December.
In the European Championships, Norway has several medal challengers.

Tomoe Zenimoto Hvas and Ingeborg Vassbakk Løyning have shown strong form this autumn.
Both have set several Norwegian records, and the times they have achieved show that they can fight for more medals in Kazan.
Henrik Christiansen, who did not quite make it to the Olympics, also wants to fight for medals in his main exercises.
In addition, we have several swimmers who can qualify for finals and semifinals.

Press contacts:
Petter Løvberg – 9706 0795
Beda Leirvaag – 9266 9367

Information about the EC short course

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