Certification of elite clubs 2022 – Norwegian Swimming Association

The Norwegian Swimming Association congratulates Bærumsvømmerne, Lambertseter Svømmeklubb and Oslo Idrettslag svømming as certified elite clubs for 2022! Bærumsvømmerne and Lambertseter Svømmeklubb are certified for the 3rd time, and Oslo Idrettslag swimming for the first time.

The reason for certifying is to ensure that clubs that call themselves elite clubs actually offer a good enough level for elite athletes. The only “must” requirement is that the club has athletes on the senior national team. In addition to the clubs having good offers for the elite, there are several other criteria that the club should have in place. The club must focus on the breadth, on good training, focus on education and club development. There are several criteria within each part of the “organizational wheel” that must be achieved.

An elite club is therefore much more than just elite athletes. It must have good quality at all levels, focus on breadth and safe training, are good at taking care of and training coaches, employees, volunteers and shop stewards, and offer members and athletes a good, safe and versatile training, competition and social environment.

There has also been a desire from clubs for a certification. Read more about elite club and the criteria that must be achieved here.

National team manager Petter Løvberg believes that certification of elite clubs will be able to contribute to an even stronger international performance development, in addition to raising the standard of what a club at this level in Norway should contribute to the local community and the development of swimming in Norway.

The certification takes place for a calendar year, and it has again been a very positive process with the three clubs that are certified for 2022. The Norwegian Swimming Association sees it as a great recognition for Lambertseter SK, Bærumsvømmerne and Oslo Idrettslag swimming to be certified as an elite club. We look forward to further cooperation and a lot of good activity in the coming year!

All clubs can decide for themselves what type of club they are. Only elite clubs need to be certified. The other club types are Breddeklubb, Konkurranseklubb and NM-klub. The club types apply to all branches. The clubs decide what type of club they are, and can work with the development of the club based on their level and their ambitions. Read more about the different club types.

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