Do you have to apply to swim in your own garden?

GARDEN LIFE: You usually do not need to apply to the municipality to set up a whirlpool or a hot tub outdoors, on your own plot. The same goes for smaller, prefabricated swimming pools that you put right on the ground. This exemption from the obligation to apply presupposes that the plumbing or pool is not connected to water and drainage, or you can connect water and drainage without adding a new branch line to the main pipe network.

Apply to the municipality, talk to the neighbor

A good rule of thumb is that you check regulations for the area you live in, for example there may be special rules in the 100-meter belt towards the sea.

– A traditional, buried swimming pool will always be subject to application. It involves a full application process, with neighbor alerts. Before you start planning, you should investigate whether municipal plans and zoning plans can set limits on what you can do, says director Per-Arne Horne in the Directorate for Building Quality.

Horne also reminds that even though whirlpools and hot tubs are not normally subject to application and distance requirements do not apply, it can be a good thing to talk to neighbors about location. It is important to find good solutions that are not to the detriment of those around you.


There are several requirements for security when you want to enjoy your own swimming area. You as the owner are responsible for this.

– Securing is the most important thing and a responsibility everyone should take very seriously, regardless of whether it is a smaller hot tub or a larger pool. When these are not in use, children should not be able to access or fall into the water. Hot tubs and whirlpools must also be stable, so that they can not tip over, says Per-Arne Horne.

Here you can read more about regulations for what you can build without applying.

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