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– It’s absolutely awful. Of course. Meeting up the way we do does not hold any space. We have to take on my cloak that we have not managed to get the team ready to play a match against Strømsgodset at six o’clock today. It bothers meKjetil Rekdal told NRK after the match.

This is embarrassing and shameful, he pointed out to Discovery.

Rosenborg was never close to taking points home to Trondheim. Strømsgodset kept up with fireworks football in the first half and already led 3-0 when the teams went into the break.

That should also be the end result.

Own goals by Erlend Dahl Reitan and goals by Johan Hove and Jack Ipalibo, meant that Rekdal and Rosenborg went on their first loss in the Eliteserien this season.

We do not show up for the first round. Then it gets heavy when you meet Godset away, Noah Holm told Discovery after the match.

It’s embarrassing, he continues.

Thus, Strømsgodset avenged the embarrassing 0-5 defeat against Sandefjord last round. The victory means that the Drammen team climbs up to a 12th place in the Eliteserien and is now a point ahead of Rosenborg with their six.

It’s a little hard to find words. It was very hard for us to get 0-5 at home last time. That we manage to strike back so violently makes me a little moved, said Strømsgodset coach Håkon Wibe-Lund.

The elite series in football 2022: Strømsgodset - Rosenborg

CHEERS: Strømsgodset had good control on their own turf against Rosenborg and eventually won 3-0.

Photo: Tor Erik Schrøder / NTB

Dream start

Strømsgodset got a head start on the match and took the lead somewhat lucky when Reitan clumsily put the ball in his own net. The right back tried to clear away a post from Tobias Gulliksen, but steered the ball past André Hansen and into goal.

The scoring after two minutes should prove to be the start of the end for Rosenborg.

Just over 20 minutes later, Johan Hove doubled the lead for the hosts. The 21-year-old elegantly widened his first goal of the season and sent the Marienlyst audience to heaven.

Big loss

And the pain was going to get worse for Rosenborg, who really had a nightmare.

Jack Ipalibo put in Godset’s third goal of the evening and inflicted even more despair on the Rosenborg tenant, who desperately needs points to keep up with the elite league leaders.

The elite series in football 2022: Strømsgodset - Rosenborg

THE NAIL IN THE KISTA: Jack Ipalibo punctured the match in many ways when he put in the hosts’ 3-0 scoring.

Photo: Tor Erik Schrøder / NTB

Trøndelag chased the reduction goal after the break, but it would not be for Rekdal’s men.

Rosenborg will have the opportunity to make up for the loss when they receive a visit from Sandefjord on football’s holiday on 16 May. Strømsgodset meets the form team Viking in what is an advanced match.

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