European Championships in long distance swimming in Hungary

There are 12 Norwegian swimmers (4 ladies / 8 men) in place in Budapest where the European Championships in long distance swimming are held 17-23. May 2021.
The last international swimming championships were held in Glasgow (GBR) 4-8. December 2019.

The European Championship is a good opportunity to qualify for the Olympics in Tokyo in July. Today, only Lambertseter SK swimmer Henrik Christiansen has received the go-ahead for the Olympics, but national team manager Petter Løvberg is optimistic considering that there will be more qualified Olympic swimmers during the competition days in Budapest.
Closest are two swimmers from Bærumssvømmerne; Tomoe Zenimoto Hvas and Ingeborg Vassbakk Løyning, but behind these there are also several swimmers who have good opportunities for qualification.

We have been through a demanding period with a lack of competitions both nationally and internationally, but national team manager Petter Løvberg is impressed with the way the clubs, coaches and swimmers have tackled the challenge we have had to deal with for a long time now.
The national team manager is looking forward to seeing the swimmers in action in the European Championship pool, and he expects a European Championship squad with tingling competition results.

The three mentioned swimmers Henrik Christiansen, Tomoe Zenimoto Hvas and Ingeborg Vassbakk Løyning must find themselves to be the biggest medal and final candidates.
Henrik has been a strong medal winner in international championships in both short and long distance. He is the reigning silver medal winner in the 800 meters freestyle from the World Championships long distance in Gwangju in the summer of 2019.

Norwegian swimmers

  • Ingeborg Vassbakk Løyning (20, Bærumsvømmerne)
  • Stina Kajsa Colleou (27, Lambertseter Swimming Club)
  • Malene Rypestøl (20, Svømmeklubben Team Sør)
  • Eva Kummen (19, Lambertseter Swimming Club)
  • Henrik Christiansen (24, Lambertseter Swimming Club)
  • Markus Lie (25, Bergensvømmerne)
  • Tomoe Zenimoto Hvas (20, Bærumsvømmerne)
  • Niksja Stojkovski (26, Bærumsvømmerne)
  • Jon Jøntvedt (17, Bryne Symjeklubb)
  • André Klippenberg Grindheim (21, Hamar IL)
  • Christoffer Tofte Haarsaker (27, Bergensvømmerne)
  • Nicholas Savola Lia (20, Bærumsvømmerne)

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Press contact

  • National team manager Petter Løvberg – telephone 9706 0795

Support device

  • Petter LøvbergNational team manager
  • Sondre Solbergtrains the Bærum swimmers
  • Joacim Lilleåsencoach Lambertseter Swimming Club
  • Geir Thorstensencoaches SK Team Sør
  • Arne Gjerdecoaches Bryne Symjeklubb
  • Christer Kjølholdtphysical therapist

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