Finland’s Defense Committee recommends NATO membership | ABC News

The committee’s leader Petteri Orpo believes that Finland’s own ability to defend itself is good, but is not enough, writes the Finnish national broadcaster Yle.

– The best alternative in terms of Finland’s security

– The committee believes that NATO is the best alternative in terms of Finland’s security, says Orpo.

One committee member opposed the recommendation. Markus Mustajärvi believes that the security policy report on NATO membership does not take into account the negative consequences that NATO membership may have for Finland and suggests that the country should not apply for membership.

The statement from the Defense Committee comes after the security policy report, which was presented in mid-April. It has been sent for consideration to a total of ten committees in the National Assembly. The report has been prepared by the President and the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

A decision is expected soon

The committees shall give their opinions to the Foreign Affairs Committee, which shall then compile these for consideration and discussion in the National Assembly.

A decision on Finland’s membership in the NATO defense alliance is expected this week. Formally, it will be President Sauli Niinistö together with the Foreign and Security Policy Committee who will decide on a possible application.

Niinstö has nevertheless emphasized the importance of the National Assembly’s opinion being included in the process, and that there should be a democratic mandate for the application.


Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin will probably inform about her position in the NATO case on Thursday.

Where and when the prime minister will inform about this is currently unclear, but she will probably do so shortly after the country’s president announces his position, writes the Finnish newspaper Ilta-Sanomat.

Marin has previously said that she will announce her view by 14 May, when the Social Democratic Party is gathered for a meeting.

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