Halsen coach Iversen before the cup match against SF / Sandefjord

Roger Iversen is the coach for the 3rd Division team Halsen – at the same time he is employed for the eighth year as a coach for the “Street team” here in Sandefjord Football. He is also a natural part of the environment up at Release Arena – and was born, raised and has a long playing career here in the city. – A little strange that my clubs will meet in the 1st Round – BUT having said that – then we will try everything we can against the guys from the Eliteserien. An incredible motivation for my people – and in the league game so far we have shown good pace. Halsen coach Iversen is a realistic optimist ahead of Wednesday’s settlement.

And Roger has good cup experience as a coach. – In 2019, I was the coach for Fram Larvik – which reached the quarterfinals. There was admittedly a loss against Ranheim away, but we got proof that we could beat the more established teams on the way there. I’m not saying that this will probably happen again this year, but there is a chance of course. We may win one of a hundred matches against SF. We can only hope that match is in a couple of days. Roger Iversen has had a great series start with his neck – and already has some nice scalps in his belt.

Before the season, Halsen was tipped for relegation, but after four rounds it has only been a loss so far. – We have only played 45 minutes of lousy football in the important part of the season. In the training matches we were mostly bad. On the other hand, we managed a draw against FFK 2 in the premiere – and they had nine players who are associated with the A-team in OBOS. Then we beat both Mandalskameratene and Urædd – while we got a real beating against Vindbjart. Otherwise it has been good – and I will of course tell my players that this is just a bonus for us. We have nothing to lose – and will give the iron. Iversen is looking forward to the fight against “superiority”.

In the cup qualifying rounds, Stathelle and Svelvik have seen themselves beaten by Halsen. – The top layers have slipped on banana peels before. Also Sandefjord. And even though SF will certainly save some of the players who have been the busiest so far – they will still take us pretty well. BUT it is only people of flesh and blood. On both teams. We go “all in”. Think that for us it can be an adventure – for the opponents it can be a scandal. We have everything to gain. It’s going to be fun anyway. Roger Iversen is looking forward to a big match at Bergeskogen – and welcomes the SF supporters so that there is a proper cup atmosphere.

And to the SF supporters who want to use Wednesday night for something sensible – so Halsen sets aside a field for the away team’s supporters. Tickets can be purchased for NOK 100 at the entrance. And up to 200 visitors are expected. And it’s not a long way to go for 90 minutes of entertainment….

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