Help for Lewis Hamilton may end in more downturn

Now Formula 1 is taking action after Lewis Hamilton (37) announced that “my back takes my life” during the Grand Prix race last weekend. But it can all actually end up with the Mercedes driver slowing down even more.

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The car “bounces” across the track – which means that Lewis Hamilton is beaten behind the wheel. Other Formula 1 teams are also struggling with the new rules in 2022.

The FIA ​​(International Automobile Federation) announced on Thursday that the teams will now be allowed to make changes to the cars – for the sake of drivers’ safety.

But for Mercedes, which has worn extra hard and which is also well behind both Red Bull and Ferrari in 2022, it may actually end up that the car will go even slower.

FASHIONABLE? Lewis Hamilton on his way to

Security risk

Viaplay commentator Atle Gulbrandsen explains:

– What has come from the FIA, can actually make the case even worse for those who struggle with “porpoising”. The FIA ​​will now look at how much the cars move up and down. If the FIA ​​believes that there is too much movement in the car, so that it poses a safety risk to the driver, then they must take action. But those who struggle with “bouncing” are partly the same ones who struggle with the pace, like Mercedes.

We saw last weekend how Hamilton could barely walk after he got out of the car in Baku. So-called “porpoising”, ie the cars “bounce” when they reach high speed, has been a problem for several of the drivers. Carlos Sainz jr and Kevin Magnussen are among those who, in addition to Hamilton, have been bothered by this.

The FIA ​​(the International Automobile Federation) has now listened to the complaints and will take action to overcome the problem. The reason is that it can affect safety, because the drivers are so distracted by the “bounce” that it can affect concentration. The FIA ​​writes that the measures follow medical advice.

– Unfair

– Could not the FIA ​​have implemented a rule change for everyone, Atle Gulbrandsen?

– It would have been unfair for Red Bull, which has found out about this.

– But what happens now?

– Now this can actually end up with Red Bull running away from Mercedes and others who have problems. Ferrari can also lose on this. They have kept pace with Red Bull, but – like Mercedes – have had problems with the “bounce”. So this is really not that simple, says Atle Gulbrandsen.

The teams will be allowed to make changes to the floor of the cars, so that they are easier to drive.

The motorsport bible Autosports commentator Jonathan Noble writes that the news can be both good and bad news for Mercedes, which has struggled strongly with the “bounce”.

– Mercedes is the team that has had the biggest challenge with the “bounce”, and it can contribute to the field becoming a little smoother.

That’s why Red Bull boss Christian Horner said after Azerbaijan that it would be “unfair” for those teams that do not struggle with “bouncing”.

But according to Noble, there may be limit values ​​that can actually be negative for Mercedes.

For the time being, the FIA ​​will collect data, not least in the Canada Grand Prix this weekend, in order to have a better basis for being able to determine exact rules.

Lewis Hamilton finished fourth, but he was in great pain in Azerbaijan last weekend.

– My back takes my life, he reported to the team along the way – and there were still many laps left to run the race.

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