Jon (54) and Kåre (60) were killed in the mass shooting in Oslo – VG

TERROR: Two people lost their lives in a shooting episode Saturday night.

It was Jon Erik Isachsen (54) and Kåre Arvid Hesvik (60) who were killed in the shooting in central Oslo on Saturday night.


This is confirmed by the police in Oslo in a press release on Monday morning.

“Nice man.” “Family man.” This is how Petter Høines describes Jon Erik Isachsen, who was abruptly torn away the night before Saturday 25 June.

Høines was a friend of 54-year-old Isachsen until recently.

– Jon was well liked by absolutely all people, he was a resource in the group of friends, says Høines to VG.

Isachsen meant a lot to many, according to his friend:

– He helped those he could help. He was a very up-and-coming man, a family man, says Høines.

– He was a man with good values.

This is what the family says about Isachsen, according to the police press release:

– He was a loving father who will be deeply missed.

This is what Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre said during the mourning service in Oslo:

– One of the nicest people

On Saturday morning, Adina Frigstad sent messages to everyone she knew, who might have been affected by the shooting.

“Are you safe?” She asked.

The answers ticked in, one by one. But from Kåre Arvid Hesvik (60) it remained quiet.

– When I understood that he was dead, I became completely numb and everything stopped.

– Someone shot one of the nicest people I knew. The perpetrator has taken such a wonderful person away from so many who loved him, she says.

For Hesvik, the Pride celebration was very special, according to his friend Frigstad:

– He always said that Pride was both spring, Christmas Eve and May 17 at the same time, says Adina Frigstad to VG.

Hesvik turned 60 years old.

FLOWER SEA: Several people laid down flowers and rainbow flags outside the nightclubs at CJ Hambro’s place 5 after the bar shooting in Oslo.

– He went to great lengths to help everyone around him, says Frigstad.

The two became known in 2012, when Hesvik employed her in a position with Oslo Municipality, according to Frigstad. Since then, they have been good friends.

As boss, he always said that they had to arrange time off to participate in the Pride celebration, according to Frigstad.

– I do not think there are so many people I have met who can be described as thoroughly good.

Hesvik was Kvinnherad, but lived in Bærum, says Johan (38) from Kvinnherad got to know Hesvik a few years ago.

He describes Hesvik as an “insanely kind and nice person to talk to and socialize with”.

– If people needed to talk or help in the house and garden, he was never difficult to pray. He lined up. He was also a type who managed to spread joy around him and get people in a good mood, says Johan to VG and doctors to:

Kåre was a dear guy who will be deeply missed by everyone who knew him. He leaves a big void with all of us.

GOOD FRIENDS: Petter Høines was at the bar with Jon Isachsen when shots were fired at them.

On C. J. Hambro’s place 5 in Oslo, the nightclubs are close together.

On Saturday night, the London Pub, a well-known nightclub for gays, and the small music bar Per on the Corner were hit by the worst imaginable:

A man who fired shots at innocent guests, in the middle of the hot summer night.

Zaniar Matapour (42) was quickly arrested. He is now charged with murder, attempted murder and terrorist acts.

The police security service (PST) considers the shooting to be an extreme Islamist terrorist act.

Isachsen and Hesvik lost their lives.

In addition, 21 other people were injured when the perpetrator moved further down the street towards the London Pub. Everyone is out of danger.

Over the weekend, the 42-year-old interrupted two interrogations with the police. According to defense attorney John Christian Elden, Matapour is afraid that the police will manipulate the interrogation.

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– Really sad

Saturday morning Bjørn Inge Bergestuen returned to the scene.

The night before, he threw himself down when the perpetrator shot at Per on the Corner.

That was when he saw it:

His friend, Jon, lying on the ground.

Resuscitation attempts were launched, without success.

– Jon was always cheerful and nice. For him, a human being was just as valuable, regardless of point of view or where on the ladder of rank one was, Bergestuen tells VG.

– He was well-liked by everyone, with a sly smile.

Night to Saturday, he just walked around Oslo and walked, Bergestuen says. He returned to the scene to process.

– I sat for a few hours with tears in my eyes and trembling in my body.

– This is so unreal sad.

Assistance lawyer Per Ivar Hessen tells VG that the family currently wants peace around the case.

Both of the two who died were residents of Bærum municipality. On Saturday, the municipality reduced crisis staff.

– Psychosocial team is involved with the relatives in collaboration with the police. We also have an open place at the Red Cross house, if anyone needs to talk to someone, says communications consultant Sofie Meta in Bærum municipality to VG.

A witness tells of the shooting:

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