Just wanted to help, was killed

On Monday, the news came that the former NBA player Adreian Payne (31) was found life-threateningly injured in Orlando, Florida. It later emerged that Payne had been shot and killed.

Detroit Free Press has gained access to court documents, which show that Payne allegedly had an argument with a man outside a home on Monday. Payne and her boyfriend are said to have been called to the home by a woman, who is often said to have had an argument with the 29-year-old who is accused of the murder.

The 29-year-old came driving with his father when he saw the unknown car outside the home, and claims that he saw Payne as a threat after being approached.

He has further said that the deceased must have moved his hand towards the waistband – and at the same time suggested that he should shoot the 29-year-old. Payne did not carry a weapon.

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The defendant is said to have immediately entered the home, retrieved a firearm and then shot Payne once while still sitting in the car.

The father of the accused found out what happened, and found Payne badly injured in the driver’s seat. Payne was taken to a local hospital, but his life could not be saved. The accused even called the police to report.

Police launched a homicide investigation after the incident, and after interviews with witnesses at the scene, the immediate impression was that Payne “did not in any way threaten the accused”, it is stated in the court documents.

The 29-year-old claims it was self-defense. He pleaded not guilty in court on Tuesday, but was charged with premeditated murder and jailed.

Payne was drafted by the Atlanta Hawks in 2014, and also played for the Minnesota Timberwolves before heading to Europe and the Panathinaikos. For the last two years he has played for the Lithuanian club Juventus Utena.

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