KUD allocates 1.8 million to inclusive events

– We must reduce the barriers so that everyone, including people with disabilities, can experience the community and the joy that sport provides. That is why we are now giving money to five events that deliver on just this, says Minister of Culture and Gender Equality Anette Trettebergstuen and continues:

– These events make a real effort for the community and are both inspiring and inclusive, and several have both functionally healthy participants and participants and with disabilities. The support that the government now provides is an important contribution to activity, diversity and joy.

Sports President Berit Kjøll applauds the award.

– The award from the Ministry of Culture gives an important signal from the authorities who want to support inclusive events where both able-bodied athletes and people with disabilities can participate. Recently, I myself was present during TelemarksVeka where the organizer has a clear focus on inclusion and equal opportunities. Here, all competitions and sports, for example, have the same cash prizes, says Kjøll and adds:

– We welcome more such inclusive events in the years ahead. Best practice has already been established through the events that are now receiving support from the Ministry of Culture. We hope more organizers see the potential and the positive ripple effects such events create, both for sports teams, athletes, municipalities, local business and volunteering.

Event that receives a grant:

  • Athletics Festival, Moelven – 300,000 kroner
  • Children’s sports day, Bodø – 200,000 kroner
  • The tension course at Bjorli – 285,000 kroner
  • The national conference in swimming for the mentally handicapped – 325,000 kroner
  • TelemarksVeka – 750,000 kroner

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