Learn the most important things about anti-doping

Anti-Doping Norway has created “Pure Sports Team” and “Pure Athlete” which makes it easy to learn the most important things athletes and clubs need to know about anti-doping.

Pure sports team

  • prevention program that challenges clubs and teams to put anti-doping on the agenda

Anti-doping applies to everyone who is part of the sport, and now your team can easily and effectively put anti-doping on the agenda. Rent Idrettslag is a web-based tool that gives you the opportunity to set goals and measures for your preventive work. By completing the program, you will receive certification as a “Pure sports team”.

Here you can see which clubs in NSF have completed.

Get started here: https://www.rentidrettslag.no/

Pure practitioner

  • a learning program for athletes and leaders at all levels in Norwegian sports

In January 2022, Anti-Doping Norway launched a completely new version of the e-learning program. The new program is adapted for use on mobile platforms and has its own learning paths for athletes and coaches / managers at different levels.

The program ensures basic anti-doping knowledge. It only takes a little half an hour to complete and you take the modules that belong to your learning path whenever it suits you.

When you have completed all the modules, this will be registered and you will receive a diploma by e-mail.

Pure practitioner can be carried out easily on mobile.

It can be done whenever you want here: Complete the e-learning program Pure Practitioner here

Good luck!

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