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It feels completely damn good. To be frank. We seem a little scared and unplanned. It is very disappointing, says Jonatan Tollås Nation to NRK after losing 2-0 against the arch-rival at Åråsen.

Eliteserien football, men (3rd Round): Vålerenga - Tromsø

DISAPPOINTED: Vålerenga captain Jonatan Tollås Nation.

Photo: Fredrik Hagen / NTB

While Tollås Nation and the blue jerseys from Oslo slid towards the locker room, Lillestrøm could celebrate victory and top the table with an ecstatic Åråsen audience on Wednesday night.

The goals were scored by midfielders Tom Pettersson and Espen Garnås.

– I just have to apologize to everyone who loves Vålerenga, says Tollås Nation to Discovery +.

With a new three points in the bank, Lillestrøm alone sits at the top of the table with 23 points. At the same time, they worsened the situation of rival Vålerenga and coach Dag-Eilev Fagermo, who is now a full 13 points behind the Åråsen team.

Elite series football 2022: Lillestrøm-Vålerenga

HEAVY TIME: Dag-Eilev Fagermo and Vålerenga are in a difficult period.

Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

Supporters out against Fagermo

Already after the Godset loss on Sunday, VIF fans shouted “Fagermo out”. But should we believe Vålerenga’s sports manager Joacim Jonsson, the experienced coach sits safely in the manager’s chair.

No, there is no discussion. He will be here to win titles and medals. He has already won a medal, and we want more of them. We will turn this around, and we will start with that on Sunday against Rosenborg, Jonsson says to NRK.

The Oslo team is without a win in the last four matches and has thus put itself in a very difficult situation. Captain Tollås Nation is clear that he has confidence in Fagermo as Vålerenga boss.

Yes. As I said – this is not the time to point to each other and find scapegoats. Now we have to stand together and turn it around, he says.

Fagermo claims that the difficult time does not particularly affect him.

Of course, it is disappointing to be where we are. But we have not managed to put up with the supposedly strongest 11-er once. It is classic adversity. And we have that now, says the VIF coach to NRK.

Are you confident that you will be the Vålerenga coach if this trend continues?

Yes, it’s me, he replies.

Eliteserien football 2022: Sandefjord - Lillestrøm (1-4)

TABLE TOP: Geir Bakkes Lillestrøm is alone at the top with 23 points.

Photo: Trond Reidar Teigen / NTB

Smoked stadium

While Fagermo is experiencing enormous pressure, Lillestrøm coach Geir Bakke has almost been declared a genius this season. He grinned broadly after the match.

Now I’m fine. Now everyone who works at LSK is doing well. We have to enjoy this for a few hours now before we get ready for the next match. Now the fights are coming close, he says to NRK.

Maybe this match meant a little extra?

There is always an extra frame around these matches. But there are three points that are awarded. All points are equally valuable. But it is clear there is something extra when LSK and Vålerenga meet each other. You notice that in the stands and, Bakke answers.

There was an enormous pressure on sold-out Åråsen throughout the settlement. The course was smoked even before the start after several flares had been shot into the carpet.

The flare-up also continued throughout the match, and due to the smoke, the match referee had to stop the game on several occasions.

Eliteserien football 2022: Lillestrøm-Vålerenga (2-0)

DEPPED: VIF goalkeeper Kenneth Haug despairs while the Lillestrøm players cheer in front of the home supporters.

Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

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