– Must work every day / Bodø / Glimt

– It’s a duel I’m willing to take. Things can take time, of course, but I come here to play. That’s the most important thing to me.

He is looking forward to starting his new everyday life in Bodø and says that he knows Glimt coach Jonas Kolstad well from before.

– I feel wanted. They say they see something in me, so I’m really looking forward to it. I want to develop, so after many games on the bench I hope to finally get. play a little. I know Jonas very well from before and know that he wants me.

– Will work every day to get better

Now he enters a culture where every single day is about one thing. Development! After seven years in Rosenborg, he feels that it is high time to try something new.

– I feel that I have never been able to sit properly in RBK. I have had a lot of competition there, but as a goalkeeper you need to play. I enjoy trying something new and actually belonging to a place. I will work every day to get better.

– It will be great to be part of this group of players, he says.

After a short day in Bodø, it is limited how much impression he is left with by his new teammates, but the little he has seen has been positive.

– I have got a very good impression of Glimt, but I really had that from before. You only notice it when you enter here. I have been well received, and I appreciate that.

– What are your ambitions in Glimt?

– The ambition is to play for the team and be part of this culture. I want to develop in step with that. There is a focus on development, and that is what ultimately yields results. There’s a lot I can learn here about how to look at football and playing style. The teammates here are good, so I look forward to getting to know them better.

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