News, Drøbak | Invites to a stunt in Drøbak: – The fittest are allowed to swim back

(RHA.NO): DRØBAK / OSLOFJORDEN: On 11 June, “Fjorden across” is arranged, where able-bodied participants are challenged to swim from Drøbak to Freyborgstranda in the former Hurum municipality.

– We swim from Torkilstranda to Freyborgstranda, ie the old ferry berth on Hurumsiden. The distance is around 1.8 kilometers, and the fittest are allowed to swim back, says Annette Ruud from Drøbak Frogn sports team.

Ruud emphasizes that swimming is carried out with escort boats and a high focus on safety.

– If you do not feel like swimming, but are kayakers with wet cards, we greatly appreciate more volunteers as we want as close follow-up of the swimmers as possible, she says.


Drøbak Frogn sports team has arranged the Fjord across for swimmers in Drøbak several times, but this year will expand by inviting other swimmers.

– There is an Open Water competition with timekeeping and escort boats, and which follows the swimming association’s safety protocol.

The competition crosses the Oslo Fjord and is a great opportunity to test this in a safe and organized way.


You do not have to be an established competitive swimmer to participate, but you must be comfortable with completing the 2000m distance and should therefore have trained that part in Open Water swimming.

– Swimmers must wear a wetsuit, and a swimming buoy is mandatory. A bathing cap with an applied start number in a visible color must be used. Participants will be given a “Fjorden på Tvers” swimming cap with start number to share and own, Ruud states.

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