News, Frogn | Jonas (23) from Drøbak is very happy at work: – It’s smart to start early

FROGN / NESODDEN: Despite his young age, Jonas Cato Grønnern has long experience as a trainer for children. Already as a 13-year-old he was a football coach for Tine Football School and has worked for several years in the Swimming Club at Seiersten as a swimming instructor before he started at Bølgen.

– It is very fun to work with children. There will be a lot of play, talk and fun and the contact you get with children when they learn under such settings is so rewarding, says Grønnern.

Amta is allowed to enter the pool and see him in action and he easily gets the attention of the children, who proudly try to do the various exercises he asks them to do.

– How many children are in the pool at a time and how long does the class last?

– We run two laps and there are a maximum of 25 children in the pool per hour and we work for about 30 minutes. A little longer than that, there is no point, because the children get tired and not everyone is equally used to chlorinated water. I experience that it is important to have fun and therefore we end with free play the last five minutes, says Grønnern. The case continues below the picture.

– How many children are registered for the swimming course you arrange for the kindergartens?

– We are finally up and running again with an offer for the kindergartens in Frogn, on Nesodden and in Ås and Vestby. We are now more than 80 children in total who want to learn and swim. We follow NSF’s Safe in Water swimming training for the levels, Grønnern concludes.

Kindergarten swimming is swimming training in collaboration with kindergartens and DFI Swimming.
DFI has been engaged in kindergarten swimming locally since 2018. The pandemic has set some breaks for this offer, but now it is finally started again.

The offer is now also being extended to apply to Nesodden – in collaboration with Sjøstjernen. In addition, DFI Swimming has recently invited the kindergartens in both Ås and Vestby to free kindergarten swimming on Bølgen.

Participation is free and this is a very popular activity for children, assistants and parents.

  • Program
    – Kindergarten swimming consists of one 30-minute session a week for 5 weeks. DFI has an instructor who is the course of the Norwegian Swimming Association and has many different toys and exercises for the children.
  • Whale and Turtle
    – The focus is on teaching the children to float and to be able to dive. All kindergartens that swim with us must have two assistants, who can help both in the locker room and in the water.
  • Transportation
    – It is possible to show up before to have lunch at the facility, or stay and eat afterwards. For some kindergartens, the journey can be difficult, and we Bølgen can be helpful with transport between kindergarten and Bølgen by bus where they refund the ticket.
  • Registration
    – DFI Swimming has a swimming school for children with registration all year round. You can find more information about us at and registration information at

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