News, Meteor | Watch video of the fireball that thundered over us last night – Speed ​​26 kilometers per second

Those who enjoyed the heat throughout the night could experience a beautiful view of the firmament.

A meteor headed over southern Norway and lit up the night sky for a few seconds.

Many took the fireball with them

During the night, Drammens Tidende received several tips from people who had seen the fireball fly over us. TA also received messages from telemarkers who had witnessed the fireball.

– It was over. I probably saw it for four or five seconds. I was really just waiting for the sound, says Jonas Blindheim who was sitting up in the warm June night.

– I’ve never seen anything so difficult before.

Below you can see the fireball filmed by the Norwegian meteor network from Voksenlia in Oslo:

From Denmark to Hallingdal

– It has in many ways gone quite parallel to the ground. So it was visible for 11-12 seconds, Steinar Midtskogen in the Norwegian meteor network tells Drammens Tidende.

Midtskogen says that the fireball appeared over the sea between Kristiansand and Skagen and went north over Risør at a low angle to Larvik and Drammen before it disintegrated 45 kilometers over Hallingdal, 13 seconds after it was first observed.

– It has been seen over most of southern Norway. Eventually it burned up and went out about 45 kilometers north of Hallingdal.

But for those who might want to look for the meteor that flew over us last night, Midtskogen has bad news:

– It has probably burned up completely and little or nothing has fallen to the ground.

Quick guest from Mars and Jupiter

– How fast does such a meteor go?

– It is registered to have an input speed of 26 kilometers per second. So it’s going well.

The Norwegian meteor network estimates that the fireball has been the size of a football.

– It is probably a rock the size of a football coming from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter that hit the Earth’s atmosphere, they write on their website.

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