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MELLØS STADION (Nettavisen 🙂 As a football player, Myhre won 56 international matches. He has played for 14 clubs, including Everton, Glasgow Rangers, Beşiktaş, Sunderland and Crystal Palace.

The online newspaper meets Myhre at Melløs Stadium, where he experiences great success as head coach. After a number of lead-heavy years for Moss Football Club, it is no longer elite league clubs or Bayern Munich and Real Madrid that come to visit, but teams from level three in Norway.

Moss won the Elite Series in 1987 and became cup champion in 1983, but since being relegated from the top level, the club has never been able to recover.

Now there is far more positivity on Melløs again. The team has ten wins and only one loss in eleven games, but got a victory drawn as Øygarden went bankrupt. On Wednesday, Moss caused a cup bomb when the team won at home against the elite league team Sarpsborg 08.

– I have been wandering around for ten years outside the football industry. The only sensible thing I have done in my life is play football. Now I have finally found out what I should do when I grow up, in good adulthood, says the 48-year-old to Nettavisen.

– It fits me

In January 2021, Myhre decided to make a “comeback” in football. He was hired as the new sports manager in Moss FK, but after 18 league games with weak results, Myhre took over as interim coach.

In the mother club, Myhre got a taste of coaching life, and became permanent head coach towards this year’s season. The former cage keeper does not hide that his new job gives him energy and joy in everyday life.

– With matches that are decided at the last minute and all that is, it is probably the health that is lacking in the end. I have been on the search since 2010 when I started as a practitioner, and have worked with lots of different things. It suits me to be a coach.

– I’m back in the manege I was as a performer, but in a different role. It gives me the pleasure of getting up in the morning and getting to work.

Think it turns fast

Despite the fact that Myhre has managed to create a winning team out of Moss Football Club, which has been at level three and four since they were relegated from level two in 2010, he admits that things can change quickly in football.

– In this industry, it is fresh all the time. I guess I’m a good result of that as a slut as a football player. We’ll see if I become a slut who trains, Myhre jokes.

– If it goes well, you will be intercepted by others. But if it goes badly, then you get the fuck. Simple and easy, he states.

– Have you received any inquiries? How has the response from the football community been?

– I never comment on inquiries, but I have received a lot of feedback. It’s nice when messages flow in from colleagues and former teammates who notice what we do. The team takes new steps all the time, and it is incredibly fun to be a part of. It is extremely rewarding.

Notice the positivity

Club legend Einar Jan Aas ended his career by winning the Elite Series with the childhood club Moss in 1987. The former midfielder also played for Bayern Munich and Nottingham Forest, and eventually won 35 international matches.

Aas’ career was ruined in many ways by injuries he suffered as Forest captain under Brian Clough. The former midfielder lives near Melløs, and has followed the team in thick and thin.

– I am very pleased with the progress. This may be the start of a journey back to the top. You notice that there is positivity in the whole city. People have started talking about Moss again, says Aas to Nettavisen.

Moss has previously been very close to going bankrupt. Aas believes the club’s poor finances have been the biggest problem for a number of years, but hopes that “the old fun” is over.

– It has been so many years ago that I can not remember the last time I was just as optimistic. Myhre has ambitions, and I think he gives a lot of himself. He has a heart for Moss, Aas concludes.

Myhre wants to get the club back on the football map, and has set himself a goal of delivering the club in a better condition than when he arrived.

– Not everything has been taken care of before. It has not just been “top notch”. Then it takes time to rebuild trust in the people around, Myhre believes.

Swedish star player

Last year, Thomas Myhre brought in Swedish Noah Alexandersson (20) from IFK Gothenburg in the hunt to keep his place in the PostNord league. He immediately became a success, and eventually he was picked up permanently.

– We competed enough with suitors last year, both from Sweden and Norway. That we managed to get him, I’m happy about that. He’s going to be a football player far above this level. What he delivers, both on and off the field, is of a high class, says Myhre.

The father of the Swede, Niclas Alexandersson, played 109 international matches for Sweden and was a teammate with Myhre in Everton. The 20-year-old says that he has full focus on Moss, but does not hide that he wants to play at a higher level.

– Would you like to continue your career in Norway if you get an offer from the OBOS league or the Elite Series?

– Yes absolutely. I thrive very well in Norway. If an opportunity should arise, I would not have said no to it, says Alexandersson to Nettavisen.

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