Norwegian economy | This is what the newspapers write about economics on Wednesday 29 June

Driving across the border to Russia to refuel at dream price (NRK)
Fuel prices in Norway are expected to reach NOK 30 during the summer. At the border with Russia, filling the tank in the neighboring country has become a saving trick. For 95 octane petrol costs 53 rubles per liter, or 9.4 kroner, at a Russian petrol station – one hour’s drive from Kirkenes. Diesel is a few rubles more expensive. read more

Oslo Børs opens down – oil service share upwards after bids in billions (Finansavisen)
After 16 minutes of trading, the main index stands at 1,203.15, down 0.37 percent. Magseis rises 41.96 percent to 7.95 kroner after TGS announced this morning that they will buy the seismic company for 2.3 billion kroner. read more

Significant stock market decline in Tokyo and Hong Kong (Finansavisen)
There is a broad fall on the stock markets in Asia on Wednesday morning. The only exception is the Singapore Stock Exchange. read more

Rise of more than two percent for the Oslo Stock Exchange on Tuesday – chief analyst believes the rise is short-lived (Today’s business)
The oil price is helping to pull up the Oslo Stock Exchange this week, but chief analyst Eric Bruce at Nordea says there is a lot of uncertainty in the market going forward. read more

The SAS pilots continue the mediation for another three days (NTB)
SAS and the pilots have agreed to continue the mediation and have set a new deadline of three days. The planes go as planned on Wednesday. read more

Government executive salaries are growing much faster than ordinary people’s salaries (Today’s business)
In the last ten years, the executive salaries of several wholly or partly state-owned companies have increased more than twice as much as the salaries of “most people”. read more

The highest power export ever in 2021 (NTB)
Norway exported 25.8 TWh of power in 2021, while 8.2 TWh was imported. It gave an export surplus of about 17.6 TWh, new figures from Statistics Norway show. – The high level of exports is due to the fact that last year there was high power production, relatively high prices in Europe, and that several foreign cables were put into operation. read more

Full export despite water shortage: Statnett has now sounded the alarm (Online newspaper)
Exports went straight to heaven – despite heavy concerns. A possible power rationing is now being prepared. read more

DNB Markets bears a heavy responsibility for the fact that people have lost a lot of money on this spectacular bubble burst (comment by Thor Chr. Jensen) (Dagens Næringsliv)
The e-learning stock Kahoot has plunged almost 60 percent so far this year. It must be possible to characterize it as one of the biggest bubble shortcomings on the Oslo Stock Exchange, at least measured in shareholder values ​​that have evaporated since the “all-time high” on 20 January 2021. read more

The managers are in agreement: You should own these two technology shares (Today’s business)
Quality stocks on cheap sales or business models under pressure? Three managers tell you which of the American technology giants you should focus on – and which ones you should steer clear of. read more

Norway’s largest managers are getting ready to buy. Here are their favorite stocks (Today’s business)
In total, they manage close to NOK 30 billion on the Oslo Stock Exchange. Now they are waiting for good buying opportunities. read more

Equinor will build a CO2 pipeline from Europe to the North Sea (NTB)
Equinor is entering into a collaboration to build a 1,000-kilometer-long pipe from Belgium to the North Sea that will contribute to the decarbonisation of European industry. read more

New record for overnight stays in Norway (NTB)
Never before have so many Norwegians spent the night at the Norwegian accommodation companies in the month of May. The increase from last year is 88 percent. read more

Agreement in the floating rig settlement (NTB)
The parties to the floating rig settlement have agreed on a new agreement, and there will thus be no strike on the rigs. read more

Can set a new record in the North Sea (Finansavisen)
Prospects for high activity in July could increase the daily rates for anchor handling vessels up to NOK 3 million, believes ship broker Wilhelm PC Blystad. read more

Bjørn Rune Gjelsten withdraws from Molde – Kjell Inge Røkke becomes sole owner (NTB)
Kjell Inge Røkke acquires Bjørn Rune Gjelsten’s shareholding in a third in Molde Fotball AS. read more

Sissener threatens to sue (Finansavisen)
Jan Petter Sissener believes he and other NRS shareholders have been robbed of a large acquisition premium. Now he is calling for a lawsuit. read more

Settles with Sissener (Finansavisen)
Jan Petter Sissener and the other NRS shareholders have already received a formidable increase in value, says chairman of the board Paal E. Johnsen. “An impossibility,” he calls Sissen’s proposal. read more

Handelsbanken: – Norges Bank undoubtedly means business (Finansavisen)
A recent morning report from Handelsbanken comments on the interest rate situation in Norway. read more

Seeing cooling and reprising in the real estate market (Finansavisen)
The change of mood in the market is now clear, according to Akershus Eiendom. Real estate players have become more selective in buying and are now repurchasing properties. read more

Big bank predicts recession in the eurozone (Finansavisen)
Morgan Stanley economists expect a mild recession in the eurozone in the third quarter of this year. read more

Norges Bank wants you to get worse advice. Because it can save the Norwegian economy. (Aftenposten)
The purpose of raising interest rates is to make the economy worse. This is why. read more

Asks the state to stay away (Class struggles)
Tenant in the Norwegian Nurses’ Association Lill Sverresdatter Larsen is upset after the aircraft technician strike was called off. She wants an end to the state intervening on behalf of employers. read more

Tiny ferry connections will be free from 1 July (NTB)
The government provides a free ferry to the outskirts of the districts, but also takes democratic rights from nearly a third of the inhabitants of Longyearbyen from 1 July. It is a mix of good and bad news among revisions that will take effect on 1 July. read more

Norwegian oil activists funded from abroad (Adresseavisen)
An American fund has donated hundreds of thousands of kroner to Norwegian activists behind the campaign “Stop the oil exploration!”. read more

The IEA praises Norway for increased production of oil and gas (E24)
The International Energy Agency (IEA) goes so far as to say that Norway has delayed developing offshore wind, but boasts of Norway’s role as a reliable energy supplier. read more

Oil top Jarand Rystad believes “new tones” from the EU can increase support for exploration in Norway (Today’s business)
The oil consultant believes that the EU’s newly declared support for exploration and investments in Norwegian oil and gas can influence public opinion here at home. At MDG, they fear exactly the same thing. read more

Poland will soon receive half of its gas from Norway (TV 2)
On October 1, a new gas pipeline to Poland will be opened. Almost half of Polish gas consumption will then come from Norway. read more

The party is over for Airbnb tenants (NTB)
The ban on partying in Airbnb homes that arose during the corona pandemic is now made a permanent ban, the rental company states. read more

These are the most expensive cities in the world (Finansavisen)
The world’s most expensive city for international employees is Hong Kong, the next four on the list are in Switzerland. read more

New director at the Water Research Institute: – Important place for the green transition (NTB)
Pål Molander is the new director of the water research institute Niva. – I chose the job because of the central role it plays in the green shift, he says. read more

Elleville differences in pension: One group stands out (Online newspaper)
New figures show a sharp increase in poor male pensioners. read more

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