Now it will be even more expensive for the pubs to show football

From the autumn, Nent will take over the rights to show the Premier League, and in May Viaplay issued a press release stating that the price would be NOK 649 a month to gain access to the Premier League, the FA Cup and the League Cup.

The sum to get the channels linear will be up to the TV distributors, but the sum will probably be higher than buying directly from Viaplay for NOK 649.

It is TV 2 that holds the rights to the Champions League, where the new price for TV 2 Play without the Premier League will be 399 kroner a month.

For the pubs, the prices are something completely different – and now it’s even more expensive.

Everything must go through Allente

Allente is a Nordic TV distributor, which was established in 2020 after Canal Digital and Viasat merged.

If pubs and nightclubs are to show the Premier League or Champions League, they must have a viewing license with them.

On 1 October last year, prices were increased by as much as 40 percent, and we could read about Elias Pizzabar on Rolvsøy in Fredrikstad municipality, which went from paying 9,000 kroner a month to 16,989 kroner a month.

Now the prices from 1 September 2022 have arrived – and again it will be a big jump. A nightclub that wants to show the Premier League and Champions League, will have to buy the package called “Sport Premium”.

These are the new prices for both the Premier League and the Champions League, according to Allente:

kr 14 700, – / month. (1-20 seats)
NOK 18,300 / month. (21-40 seats)
NOK 29,600 / month. (41-60 seats)
NOK 37,000 / month. (61-80 seats)
NOK 58,000 / month. (81-160 seats)

Should a nightclub only show the Premier League, these are the prices for the V Sport package:

NOK 3,590 / month. (1-40 seats)
NOK 7,490 / month. (41-80 seats)
NOK 14,100 / month. (81-160 seats)

To show only Champions League, these are the prices for TV 2 Sport Total:

NOK 11,800 / month. (1-20 seats)
NOK 15,700 / month. (21-40 seats)
NOK 23,600 / month. (41-60 seats)
NOK 31,500 / month. (61-80 seats)
NOK 46,900 / month. (81-160 seats)

* If the nightclub does not have a liquor license, the price is NOK 2000 regardless of the number of seats

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