Now the weather is turning

It has long been dry in southern Norway, but now it is turning.

From Thursday and throughout the weekend, there will be rain in various places in southern Norway.

– The fine weather we have had so far is over for this time, says on-duty meteorologist Tone Christin Thaule at the Department of Meteorology to Dagbladet.

Changing weather

It is in Western Norway, including Bergen and Stavanger, it will rain first – already in the morning on Wednesday.

– It will not be that long and then it will be stay-at-home weather again tonight, says Thaule.

Trøndelag can get rain on Wednesday night – and periods of rain this weekend.

– It looks like it will give way on Thursday morning, and there will be sun on the day Thursday.

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– Not heavy rainfall

There will also be a shower in Agder and in Eastern Norway on Wednesday.

– There will be less quantity there than further west. Then there will be stay weather in Agder tonight.

It will be cloudy, showers and rain in Eastern Norway this weekend.

– There will be mostly showers and rain this weekend, but there will be no heavy rainfall. It will probably vary a lot because it is building weather. Then there will be periods of sunshine, says Thaule.

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Must participate in «Master of Masters»

– Nice and dry

In northern Norway, the weather is also changing. It has been raining there for a long time, but from Thursday to Saturday there seems to be no or little rainfall in the whole area.

– Wednesday it is northerly wind and building weather. On Thursday it will be nice and dry, but it may rain all the way south in Nordland, says the meteorologist and continues:

– It looks like the weather will be milder from Friday. Tromsø can get up to 10 to 12 degrees. There is a big difference from the temperature now, which is three degrees, says Thaule.

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The municipality: – Does not mean much

The lack of precipitation was especially put on the agenda when Oslo municipality sent out an SMS to the city’s residents two weeks ago.

There they encouraged people to save water.

The rain that is expected this week, however, does not create cheers at the Water and Sewerage Authority.

– We are of course happy with everything we can get, but it is very small and does not mean much in the big picture. What we need is good rain over several weeks, also inland, to fill up the magazines, says section leader Frode Hult in the agency.

- Shower for four minutes should hold

– Shower for four minutes should hold

Positive trend after SMS

This year’s summer can be cold and wet, according to the Meteorological Institute. Both June and July will probably be wetter than normal, state meteorologist Vibeke Thyness has previously told NRK.

– It will be very positive if there is a good deal of rain in the future, but we always relate to the forecasts that come ten days ahead, Hult emphasizes.

He says that they have registered a positive trend with lower water consumption after the SMS to the inhabitants was sent out on 2 May.

– We are at a slightly lower level – it seems as if people have been good, and we are happy about that. This means that any action levels are dragged out further in time, and it is not certain that they will come at all, in addition to the fact that there may be rain in the meantime, says Hult.

The section leader points out that they are excited to see if the preliminary results represent a sustained trend.

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