Open Couple Meeting in Oslo 26-28. November 2021

Are you into swimming and want to become even better acquainted with swimming as a competitive sport? Then Open Para Collection can be something for you!

This is a gathering for athletes with visual, hearing, and mobility impairments – where fresh, established and our best pair swimmers meet for joint training, learning and inspiration. The age limit for joining is 12 years.

There is also a collection of coaches – we want athletes who participate to bring a coach, to learn, get inspiration and bring this back to the club!

You who participate must be prepared for several training sessions during the weekend, both in water and on land.

With such a joint gathering, we hope to be able to contribute to increased knowledge about swimming and training, but also inspire and motivate for further swimming training. We also encourage athletes and coaches to make contacts and exchange experiences during the gathering. Maybe athletes and coaches can arrange joint competitions to participate in – or where it is practically possible, clubs can arrange some joint training.

Stay in Oslo

We have reserved a room at Olympiatoppen Sportshotell, by Sognsvann. All meals will also be here. Swimmers should preferably stay in double or triple rooms. For coaches, there will be double rooms as far as possible. If it gets full at the Olympic summit, Thon Hotel at Ullevål will be used. We encourage practitioners to travel without a parent, but if you are completely dependent on having a companion, it is possible to have this with you.

A separate registration form is used. Deadline for registration is 1 November.

Here are some that are ready for the Open Parish Gathering

Contact Kristin Homb in the Norwegian Swimming Association,

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