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HRH Crown Prince Haakon, Prince Albert II, Charlène of Monaco and the children.

The prince and princess from Monaco and the children were at the opening of a new exhibition at the Framm Museum in Oslo on Wednesday.


It was Prince Albert II who opened the exhibition, entitled “Sailing the Sea of ​​Science”. It celebrates, among other things, the famous voyages of discovery of his great-grandfather, Prince Albert I of Monaco (1848-1922).

Earlier in the day, King Harald and Queen Sonja received the prince and princess for lunch at Bygdø royal estate on Wednesday.

Crown Prince Haakon (48), Crown Princess Mette-Marit (48) and Princess Märtha were also present when King Harald (85) and Queen Sonja (84) arranged a gathering for Prince Albert (64), Princess Charlene (44) and their twins at seven years.

Märtha’s new fiancé, Durek Verrett (47), has returned to Los Angeles after he last week attended and celebrated Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s birthday two days to the end.

The press was not invited to immortalize lunch.

However, the prince and princess have more on the program on Wednesday. At 18.00 he will open the exhibition “Sailing the Sea of ​​Science” at the Framm Museum on Bygdøy together with Crown Prince Haakon.

Have been sick

The official visit is one of the first appearances for Princess Charlene after she has struggled with illness for over a year.

VG mentioned in July last year that the princess had been separated from her husband and their two children for several months, because she became acutely ill during a work stay in her original home country, South Africa.

Charlene contracted a serious infection in her ear, nose and throat and had to undergo surgery. It became difficult to fly, and the journey home was postponed several times. The couple also spent their ten year wedding anniversary on July 1, separately.

– This time has been challenging for me, the princess told the South African news agency Channel24 last summer.

– The longing for my husband and my children is great. Without my husband’s love and support, it would not have been possible for me to get through this painful time, explained Charlene, a former Olympic swimmer.

Only in November last year could the princess return to Monco. But she was still on sick leave.

«The first lady will stay in a secret place, and will only resume her public duties when her health allows.», Announced the Royal Palace of Monaco.

Charlene posed for official photography with the family at Easter this year and shared this photo on Instagram:

Otherwise it has been quiet for a long time. It was not until the end of May this year that she took part in shining during a Formula 1 event in Monte Carlo.

DISPLAYED: Princess Charlene during the Formula One Grand Prix in Monte Carlo on May 29.

The visit to Norway is not the first for the couple, who can also rightly call themselves prince and princess, and who is often referred to as that in the international media.

Prince Albert has been to Norway several times, both alone and with Charlene. Among other things, they were on the guest list when King Harald and Queen Sonja celebrated their 80th birthdays in 2017.

Here is a look back at the prince and princess’ wedding in 2011:

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