School shooting in Texas – More mass shootings than days in 2022

It writes CNN.

The Gun Violence Archive (GVA) keeps statistics on gun-related deaths in the United States. A total of 17,194 people have died in such incidents in 2022. 9,570 of these are suicides.

Mass shooting is defined by GVA as an incident in which four or more people are killed, excluding the perpetrator.

Tuesday’s school shooting in Texas was number 213 in the series of mass shootings in the United States this year, according to GVA.

TEXAS: US President Joe Biden with a clear call after the school shooting in Texas. Video: Reuters.
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Killed 21 people

19 students and two teachers were killed in the attack at Robb Elementary School in Texas on Tuesday this week. Six people were injured. The suspected perpetrator, 18-year-old Salvador Ramos, is said to have been shot and killed by police.

He was a student at the school. The motive for the attack is unclear.

Before Ramos arrived at the school, he allegedly shot his grandmother, and crashed the car right outside the school, before entering. He had a handgun with him and probably a rifle.

These are the victims

These are the victims

In an emotional statement after the incident, President Joe Biden said he had a hope that he would never have to go through this again, referring to the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012. Biden was then vice president.

– There is a lot we do not know yet. Parents who will never see their child again, never let them lie down and give them a hug. Parents who will never be the same again. Losing a child is like having your soul torn away, Biden said and continued:

– I’m sick of it. We must act. Do not tell me that we can not have an impact on this massacre. Why do we continue to let this happen? Where in God’s name is our backbone when it comes to dealing with this?

PATHETICAL: Golden State Warriors basketball coach Steve Kerr made it clear what he thought about the school shooting in Texas during a press conference on Wednesday night Norwegian time. Video: Instagram / Warriors
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– Racist massacre

The attack on the Texas school comes just ten days after ten people were killed and three injured in a supermarket in the city of Buffalo in New York. The incident is described as one of the deadliest racist massacres in modern times.

It writes the New York Times.

Of the 13 shot victims, eleven were African American while two were white. 18-year-old Payton Gendron was charged with the Buffalo murders.

The FBI sounded the alarm the day before

The FBI sounded the alarm the day before

On April 3, six people were shot and killed in a mass shooting in Sacramento, California. Twelve were injured. According to CNN, the shooting took place in the center of the city. A video shared on social media shows people running in the street with the sound of shots in the background.

The next day, a 26-year-old man was arrested. He is said to have opened fire on people outside a restaurant from a car, right after the bars in the area had closed. According to witnesses, he used an automatic weapon and he is said to have fired over 50 shots.

SHOOTING: The mayor confirms that at least 15 people were killed after a school shooting at a primary school in Texas in the USA on Tuesday night Norwegian time.
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– Paralyzed

On April 27, a man shot and killed three people at a motel in Mississippi, before moving to a new location and killing a fourth person. He later barricaded himself in an office in a store, set fire to the room and died of smoke injuries.

A witness is said to have said that there was an argument about money that escalated.

It writes CBS.

- Kept to himself

– Kept to himself

Last night, local time, former President Barack Obama said the country is paralyzed.

– Not out of fear, but out of a weapons lobby and a political party that has not shown a willingness to act in any way that will prevent such incidents.

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