Swimmers for the Special Olympics World Summer Games 2023

The Special Olympics World Summer Games (SOWSG) will be held in Berlin from 17-24 June 2023, with a separate program in advance from 11 June.

SOWSG is one of the world’s largest sporting events with about 7,000 athletes, about 5,000 coaches, managers and guests and a large number of volunteers. There are participants from almost 170 nations. There are 25 competing sports, where swimming is one of the biggest sports.

Norway has long and good traditions with participation in SOWSG and will also participate in Berlin. We look forward to bringing a new squad to the World Games!

Withdrawal of practitioners to SOWSG
The individual sport is responsible for taking out their squad and the Norwegian Swimming Association wants you who are in the club and follow up the swimmers on a daily basis, to apply for / register swimmers who may be eligible to participate in SOWSG 2023. The swimming squad must consist of 2 girls and two boys, and that it may be relevant with 2 reserves (1 + 1).

An event as large as SOWSG also places some demands on those who are to participate. Through participation, we will facilitate security and good experiences for the individual participant and for the squad as a whole, both on and off the sports arena. Guidelines and criteria have therefore been prepared to be able to participate. Something is common to all sports / the whole squad and something applies to the individual sport.

We want to prioritize athletes who have not participated before, but those who have participated before can also apply.

Read more about current criteria and requirements, as well as the form to be used for application on our page about Special Olympics.

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