The accused interrupted the interrogation again – VG

Murder and terrorism suspect Zaniar Matapour (42) interrupted the interrogation with the police on Sunday. He refuses to allow the police to record the interrogation with audio and video, as long as it is not broadcast in full.


Defense lawyer Jon Christian Elden says that the accused after the Oslo shooting refuses to explain himself to the police on Sunday.

– There has been a very short non-interrogation today as well. The police have spent just over half an hour trying to persuade the accused that they do not want to manipulate his explanation. He has not accepted that answer and has exercised his right not to give an explanation to the police, Elden says to VG.

According to Elden, the accused denies that the police are conducting an interrogation.

– So far, the police have insisted on recording the interrogation on audio and video. My client has refused to be taken on audio and video, unless this was to be sent publicly in its entirety, says Elden.

LAWYER: Jon Christian Elden is the defender of the 42-year-old terror suspect.

– Why is he negative about the interrogation being recorded?

– Because he says he is afraid that the police will manipulate what he says, partly to cut it, partly to change the content of the explanation as it appears as his explanation, when it really is not, says Elden.

He emphasizes that it is up to his client whether there will be an interrogation or not.

Two people were killed in the shooting in Oslo on Saturday night. 21 people were injured.

The police state on Sunday morning that several of the injured have been discharged from hospital and that no one is life-threateningly injured.

Not weakened

At a press conference on Sunday, the police state that Matapour will be transferred to prison on Sunday.

Police attorney Børge Enoksen says that a health check has been carried out and that the accused has been cleared.

Enoksen states that the accused’s acquaintances and background are central to the investigation.

“Nothing that has come to light has weakened the charge,” says Enoksen.

SHOT AND KILLED: Two people were shot and killed outside the nightclubs Per at Hjørnet and London in Oslo on Saturday night.

Not decided on guilt

Elden says that his client has not explained himself about the case or taken a position on the question of guilt.

– He has not been asked about criminal guilt or not criminal guilt, because he has not been willing to start explaining himself, Elden says.

He emphasizes that this means that Matapour has not said anything about the motive either. Elden states that his client has also said little about the incident to him.

– It is very unclear if there is any motive. It also means that one should be very careful to speculate in the reasons why this happened, he says.

According to Elden, the court must appoint experts for a judicial assessment of the accused as soon as possible.

Contact Bhatti

According to VG’s information, Zaniar Matapour (42) was stopped in connection with a SIAN demonstration this spring – together with the central Islamist Arfan Bhatti.

Elden has also been Bhatti’s defender.

When asked by VG, he says that it is no problem to defend both. He says police have not asked for any link between Matapour and Bhatti.

– Now there is neither suspicion nor accusation against Bhatti in this case. He has also not been to Oslo in the last month. It is a bit difficult to relate to based on the media speculating about it. The police and the prosecution have not speculated about it, he says.

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