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It has been over a year since Mjelde had to leave the league cup final on a stretcher.

The injury put a damper on the celebration for Chelsea, who held up a suit with Mjelde’s name when the trophy was lifted.

After surgery and training, Mjelde was back on the field in November last year. At the time, she thought the comeback was one of the biggest blinkers of her career.

“Does this take me anywhere?”

But one inning and one match later, she realized that something was wrong. Her knee was so bad that she could barely walk up the stairs.

Then Chelsea and Mjelde decided to start again – again.

– When one is subsequently told that people around you do not think you will play football again, so that buzzes around. When one is unable to walk for two to three months, how on a daily basis should one run after one ball?

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CAPTAIN: Maren Mjelde is an important piece for Norway.


Mjelde said that there was pool training for almost three months.

The club held her all the time again so as not to get another setback. Even though she felt ready, Chelsea put her foot down.

Some days were worse than others.

I’ve been in pain, and I have not wanted to exercise. Does this take me anywhere? But then it gets better. Only the little things that get better every day, you have to cling to, says Mjelde.

Now she has understood how worried the medical team actually was.

I was told by the doctor afterwards that he was very unsure. He can ‘t tell me that now and then. You can not tell anyone that they can not play again. They just have to say: “Do the job, do the rehab, then this will go well”.

– I did not understand it there and then, because I thought: «No, no, I’ll play football again», Says Mjelde.

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Got to test the psyche

After examinations, the 32-year-old was constantly told that she needed more time.

Thus, the road back was even longer and tougher than expected.

I have talked to people on the road and have very good help from a personal psychologist, with whom I talk a lot and have gotten myself right. mindset. I feel like I’ve always had a strong psyche, but he’s really been testing over the last year. When I have gotten through like that, I will at least get back to where I want to be, says Mjelde.

Today she is very happy that the club held her backke as long as they did.

Football, FIFA Women's World Cup Qualifier, Norway, training

THANKS CHELSEA: Maren Mjelde is happy the club is holding her back.


On Thursday, she could have made a comeback on the national team against Kosovo, but covid infection made her out of the game.

Thus, she is unlikely to start against Poland on Tuesday night. On Monday she trains alternatively, and Martin Sjögren does not reject a move for the national team captain.

In that case, she will have her first national team minutes since the match against Wales on 27 October 2020.

Then she will also be one step closer to the big goal: European Championship games for Norway in England.

– That’s what I’ve imagined all the way. I cling to that goal and will do everything I can to be ready for it. I will at least do the job that is needed and I have done it all the way. I do not think I have been over a single training day. Maybe I can count it on one hand how many days I have had free. And that is because that is my goal, says Mjelde.

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