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Police attorney Børge Enoksen shares new photos of the accused and encourages more witnesses to get in touch after the attack on the nightclubs in Oslo.


It is 43-year-old Zaniar Matapour who is charged with murder, attempted murder and terror after he opened fire on the nightclubs Per on the corner and the London pub on Saturday night.

Two people were killed and 21 injured in the shooting.

Les all the cases about the attack here.

WANT MORE TIPS: Accused in a blue T-shirt at a restaurant in central Oslo on Friday at 16.10, ie the afternoon before the incident.

– The investigation is in full swing with great pressure, says Enoksen.

Want questioning

– We are now sure that the accused was behind the actual attack alone. But we have not yet clarified whether he may have had collaborators or others who have collaborated with him about it in advance, and therefore it is precarious to get his explanation.

The police attorney says they have had close contact with the defense counsel, even though the conditions the accused has set for being questioned.

THE ATTACK: Police are taking care of Matapour that night until Saturday.

Prior to the press briefing, the accused has stated that he will not be questioned by the police on Wednesday either. This is confirmed by lawyer Bernt Heiberg, who is co-defense of the accused, to VG.

– The accused has all along been skeptical about how the police will present a possible explanation. The police have not been able to remove that concern, even though they have gone to great lengths. He has therefore decided not to give an explanation for the time being, says Heiberg.

Offer of interrogation without sound or image

Enoksen says that in principle they have in principle rejected the accused’s claim that the police may not record the interrogation with audio and video, unless it is broadcast in full. But he says that yesterday, on the basis that they want to map out whether the accused has collaborated with others in advance, they have offered different solutions.

– Yesterday we chose to offer first that he could explain himself with only sound, and he has rejected that, says Enoksen.

After this, the police offered interrogation without sound or picture, but the accused also refused just before the press conference.

New pictures

Now the police are going out with more information and more photos to get in touch with more witnesses and get more information.

– We know that more people have recordings on their mobiles of the incident and other relevant things prior to it – and we encourage everyone who has it to upload this on our tips portal, says Enoksen.

See the accused on the way from the tram to the scene:

1 / 6

Among other things, the police release a picture of the accused in a blue T-shirt at a restaurant in central Oslo on Friday at 16.10, ie the afternoon before the incident.

The police do not state which restaurant it is.

VG has spoken to the owner of the restaurant, who wishes to remain anonymous.

He says that the accused was one of his “best” regular customers, and that he only recognized him when the police this morning showed pictures from the restaurant.

– I was shocked when I saw that it was here, says the owner and describes the accused:

– He was quiet and calm, in his own world and always came alone. He was polite, very polite.

Observed on the tram

The police state that their investigation has revealed that the 43-year-old accused of terrorism arrived at the tram stop at Tinghuset with tram 18 from Rikshospitalet. The accused must have been alone on the tram.

– We do not know for sure where he got on the tram, but we know that he gets off at the courthouse, the police attorney says.

– We still have a big job left with witness questioning, review of seizures, video and other relevant information. We also have a strong focus on identifying exactly where people who are near the shots that start at 01.12.57 are.

MAP: The police want contact with people who were in the marked areas.

They also go out with a map with several areas marked in red, and ask witnesses who were in the marked areas to get in touch.

Several photos of the accused have previously been published in a yellow T-shirt, and the police are releasing several photos of him on his way to the scene.

They explain that they are still working on several hypotheses, including terrorism, hate crime and mental illness.

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