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SKILLED: The diplomas of Danilo and Konstantin Cvetkovic look exactly the same. Not only do they have the same date of birth, all the grades they take out of 10th grade are sixes.

Seven years ago, Konstantin and Danilo could not speak a word of Norwegian. On Tuesday, they received the diploma from the tenth grade, with only top grades.

  • Svein Harald Lian / iTromsø

When the twins Konstantin and Danilo moved to Norway in 2015, they had to learn a new language.

– Maybe we could say “hello” and “hello”, says Konstantin.

He and Danilo started in an introductory class in Hammerfest, but after only a few months, they were moved to fourth grade. They noticed well that they understood most of what the teacher said. Through good and systematic work at the school, they received a solid proof on Tuesday of what they have managed. When the twins got the diploma for tenth grade, it was only with top grades.

The case was originally published in Tromsø.

In eighth grade, they had an average of 5.6. The following year, they worked their way up to 5.8. In tenth grade, they got top marks on most of the tests, except for a math exam, where both got 5+. But when the diploma was to be handed out at Krokelvdalen school, there was no doubt. Both got only sixes.

Uses time wisely

– How do you work with school work?

– We work quite efficiently and use the time wisely. We do not talk to fellow students when the teacher talks, says Konstantin, and adds that they try to finish their homework at school.

– Many people think that we are not social, but we are. And if there are some homework we have not done, we do them after the training, he adds.

BURNER FOR FOOTBALL: Konstantin and Danilo spend a lot of time at TUIL arena. They are developing well on the G16 team.

Now the brothers have applied to enter Tromsdalen upper secondary, with top sports as a study specialization.

The brothers thrive in each other’s company, and when asked if they have any major differences, the answer comes quickly:

– It must be the weld. We like to comb our hair to each side, says Konstantin and laughs.

Dreaming of becoming a football professional

It is perhaps not so surprising that they highlight gym as their favorite subject. When asked what they dream of becoming in a few years, they both answer:

– Football professional.

That may not be so strange. Dad Zoran was a professional football player. As a result, the family experienced more countries than their home country, Serbia. This in turn has made the 15-year-olds language proficient.

– We speak Serbian, Norwegian, English, some French and a little Greek, says Konstantin.

The brothers spend a lot of time playing football. When they lived in Hammerfest, they played on the circuit team in Finnmark. Now they play on the G16 team of TUIL, and are grateful for how they were received.

– All are treated equally. We support each other, and that makes us all better, says Konstantin, who plays right back.

SATISFIED: Konstantin thinks they get good opportunities to develop on the field at TUIL.

With Danilo in midfield, the brothers have been involved in beating both TIL and Bodø / Glimt. They barely got time for this interview before a match against Kvaløya. The brothers estimate that they train eight to nine times a week. Sometimes they stay after the joint workouts to train strength.

– Easier with two brains

But even though football is competitive, the twins are more likely to help each other than to compete against each other.

– Everything we do, we do together. It’s easier with two brains. There is actually not much competition, but we work together on how to solve the tasks. We are a good team, says Konstantin.

PROUD: Big sister Jovana is proud of her brothers. She herself is studying medicine, after graduating from high school with only six.

Proud big sister

Big sister Jovana plays an important role in the brothers’ lives. She drives them to and from training. In addition, the brothers have lived with her at Tomasjordnes for the past year. On the same day that Konstantin and Danilo received their diplomas, she took this year’s major exam in medical school. When she finished high school in Hammerfest last year, there were only six on the diploma.

– I’m so proud of them. They plan their school days well and look at schooling in the long term. They are good at prioritizing. In addition, it is special to live alone with me, Jovana.

OPTIMIST: Danilo hopes he and his brother will enter Tromsdalen upper secondary this autumn.

The parents of the tree clover live in Hammerfest, but visit the children regularly.

– We were quite independent before we moved. It is not so different, but we have to cook and wash clothes ourselves, says Konstantin.

If they have to choose a different career than on the football field, both engineering and medical studies tempt after high school.

– It’s nice to have a good foundation for starting high school. And with good grades, you get more opportunities later, says Danilo.

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