WC in pair swimming, and WC in swimming and diving 2022

Norway has 1 athlete in the WC in pair swimming in Portugal, and with 3 swimmers and 2 divers in the WC in swimming sports in Hungary.

The World Championships in Para Swimming will be held June 12-18 in Funchal, Madeira (Portugal).
Fredrik Solberg (21 years old, Tønsberg Swimming Club) is finally ready to compete again after a long injury break. He has been plagued with a fatigue fracture in his back, and after many months of training, he is finally ready to swim with the Norwegian flag on his swimming cap again. The last competition for Fredrik was the Nordic Championships in December. Now it is the World Cup in Funchal on Madeira that awaits. He aims to set a personal record in both exercises he will compete in. He has the greatest medal chances in his main exercise 50 free, which is swum on Saturday 18 June.


  • 100 free swims Wednesday, June 15th
  • 50 free swimming on Saturday 18 June

National team coach / press contact: Kay-Arild Paulsen – mobile 9715 3705.

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19th FINA World Championships Budapest 2022

The World Championships in Swimming Sports will be held in Budapest, Hungary June 18-July 3, 2022.
Norway has athletes in swimming and diving.
The swimming part is arranged June 18-25, and the diving part June 26-July 3.


Swimming – June 18-25

The Norwegian Swimming Association has qualified 6 swimmers for the WC long distance 2022 ..

However, Tomoe Zenimoto Hvas (22 years old, Bærumsvømmerne) and Jon Jøntvedt (18 years old, Bryne Symjeklubb) do not participate due to illness in the preparations for the championship.
Ingeborg Vassbakk Løyning (21 years old, Oslo Idrettslag Svømming) is also not competing due to a broken hand ahead of the WC.
However, all three are in training again with a view to the European Championship which will be held August 11-21 in Rome.

As there are two major championships this summer, the three participating swimmers have prioritized the European Championship in terms of training.

However, it is expected that everyone is well prepared for the World Cup in Budapest.

Henrik Christiansen is the one of the three swimmers who has the greatest chance of a final.
He has a silver medal from the World Cup long distance in Gwangju 2019 in the 800 free, and it is in that exercise that the final chances are greatest this time as well.

The following swimmers participate:

Henrik Christiansen (25 years, Lambertseter Swimming Club)

Exercises: 400, 800 and 1500 free

Nicholas Lia (21 years, Bærumsvømmerne)

Exercises: 50 free, 100 free and 50 butterfly

André Klippenberg Grindheim (22 years, Hamar IL swimming)

Exercises: 50, 100 and 200 chest

Support device:

National team manager / press contact: Petter Løvberg – mobile 9706 0795.

Coach: Sondre Solberg (coach Bærumsvømmerne)

Physiotherapist: Christer Kjølholdt

Video analysis: Johan Setterberg

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Stup – June 26-July 3.

This year we have two strong cards that will plunge both failure and tower exercises in the WC for seniors.

Caroline Kupka (18 years, Bergen Diving Club).

FINA research fellow Caroline has been selected for the failure exercises 1 meter and 3 meters.

The Bergen girl who has plunged well in 2022 delivered some incredible series during the Bergen Open in 2022.

What will be the world’s largest international competition this year also had the FINA referee school in place, which made the judging hard, strict and fair.

Nevertheless, the 18-year-old succeeded in setting a new Norwegian record of 3 meters.
Considering the even dive and that she is not that far from the Swedes big dives Emilie Garip, we are looking forward to the World Cup!
This will be Caroline’s first World Cup for seniors.

Helle Tuxen (20 years, Penguin Diving Club).

The sun girl who has lived in the USA for the last two years, where she studies and trains, reached the NCAA final at all heights.

Many good results in almost all competitions for the school in the 2021/2022 season.

Helle has become a “veteran” even though she is only 20 years old and has participated in both the World Cup and the World Cup before.

Helle has been taken out to all three heights, but it is 10 meters that is her strongest exercise.

Support device

Espen Gilje Bergslien (mobile 9268 3731) goes as a coach, and with him he has a former national team coach for Norway and sports manager for the British diving national team Kim White.

Together, the two will lay the foundation for the best possible results during the WC, and EC later this summer.

Link to the championship:


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