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Steph Curry (34) played an insane game, but the Boston Celtics never gave up. It was a final thriller on VG + Sport last night.

NB! Do not read on if you do not want to know the result of the final match between the Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics. Watch the match in replay here without spoilers.

– One is cool, two is cool, but that is when you can say “I have four” or “five rings”, then we are talking a dynasty, says Shaquille O’Neal – who himself won the NBA final four times.

He is an NBA expert for ABC, and boasted before the game uninhibited by the Warriors team that plays in its sixth final in eight years.

Much of the reason for that is 34 year old Steph Curry.

– He has an arsenal of skills to shoot himself all the time, but he never looks selfish. It’s quite unique. It just looks playfully easy what he is doing, says former NBA player Torgeir Bryn.

– He has a ridiculous self-confidence, almost arrogant. That is what sets him apart, says national team player Harald Frey.

And just ten minutes into the first final game between the Warriors and the Boston Celtics on Friday night, the accurate point guard had scored 15 points – five of six from three-point teams.

– Steph Curry, what are you made of ?! For a start for Stephen Curry. He is a winner, he has changed the whole sport, exclaimed VG + Sport commentator Frederik Gnatt when the 34-year-old scored his sixth three points in the 1st period.

By then, he had already delivered the final roughest assist to teammate Klay Thompson (see video of the assist at the top of the article).

FOUND HIS “SPLASH BROTHER”: Steph Curry sent the ball blindly to Klay Thompson.

– It is “Splash Brothers” against Boston Celtics here today, said the commentator.

Splash Brothers is the nickname of the duo Curry and Thompson, who have shot three points as if they have been released since they became teammates in 2011.

They continued to do so in San Francisco on Friday night.

Curry finished with seven threes and a total of 34 points.

Thompson scored three threes and 15 points.

BURNT: Derrick White (right) had to despair to see Steph Curry (left) put three points after three points.

Still, the Warriors failed to shake off the Celtics, and the teams went to the break at the position 56-54 to Boston.

Curry, however, continued to poke balls in the basket even after the break, and it looked decided when the Warriors led by 13 points late in the game.

Then, however, the role players of the Celtics woke up: A couple of quick three-pointers from Derrick White and Al Horford made the Boston team suddenly lead by three points.

The Warriors started forcing shots, and it rarely works well. Instead, it was Marcus Smart who could lower another three with just over three minutes left, and the Celtics led by 11.

Then there was no going back, and the Celtics won 120-108.

– For a turnaround operation, and for a gigantic victory it is to win match 1 away, Gnatt says.

The next game is played Monday night, also in San Francisco. You can watch that match on the NBA League Pass.

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